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Privacy Statement

Hey there! At Coffee & Fun, we’re not just about brewing innovative apps; we’re also serious about safeguarding your privacy. It's our promise to you: no sneaky data collection, no prying into your personal information. We’re in the business of creating fun, not tracking data.

Data Collection Across All Apps

Whether you’re using Simple Screenshot Pro, Incognito Bear, or any of our other cool apps, rest easy knowing we don't collect personal info, browsing histories, or any data from your device. We respect your privacy like we love our coffee – immensely and genuinely.

Data Usage

Our policy is simple – no data collection means nothing to use, store, or share. Your activities in all our apps, including those awesome screenshots from Simple Screenshot Pro, stay right where they belong: with you.

Data Security

Imagine a vault. Now, think of our apps as vaults for your data. They operate in a self-contained universe within your device, with no data transmission or external storage. We’re all about keeping things secure and in your control.

Continuous Improvements

We're committed to constantly improving our apps. Any updates we roll out will focus on making your experience better and brighter, while our stance on privacy and data protection remains as firm as ever.

Continuous Improvements

Simple Screenshot Pro does not integrate with any third-party services that could potentially compromise your privacy. We maintain a strict policy of not engaging with external entities that might have access to user data.

Third-Party Services? No, Thanks!

Our apps, like Simple Screenshot Pro, are free of third-party services that might peek into your data. We believe in a closed loop – just us, our apps, and the awesome you, with no external prying eyes.

Your Privacy is Our Priority

We get it – privacy is a big deal, and we treat it that way. When you use any of our apps, your information is as safe as a secret in a friend’s heart.

Got Questions?

If you’re curious or have any concerns about how we handle privacy, don't hesitate to buzz us at [email protected]. We’re here to chat, clarify, and ensure you feel comfortable and secure.