Logo of Coffee & Fun LLC featuring a stylized cup with a coffee bean pattern, representing the company's focus on creativity and innovation in software development.

Welcome to Coffee & Fun 👋

Where fresh ideas are always brewing ☕

Launched in 2023, our goal is simple: to mix the spark of innovation with the comfort of everyday tools.

From the nifty tricks of Simple Screenshot Pro to the quick wit of Instant Flash Cards, our apps are your go-to for a smarter digital journey.

Dive into our collection and find your new favorite way to do more, stress less, and keep it all fun.

The Graveyard ⚰️

These are our past projects that are no longer active:

  • Clean my history
  • Reddit: Random subreddit button
  • What Coffee should I have?
  • Netflix Hidden Categories

Support ✉️

For Helperbird please email us at [email protected].

For all other apps please email us at [email protected].

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For business inquiries, please email us at [email protected].